Welcome to Temple Cider

Introducing Temple Cider

Temple Cider is a small-scale craft cider maker in West Dorset. We create delicious Dorset cider, made in the traditional way, but with a contemporary, easy-drinking style. We are receiving great feedback about our cider, both from seasoned cider drinkers and also from folk who only dabble in cider occasionally. It is such a delight to receive emails from complete strangers telling us how much they have enjoyed drinking our cider.

Available locally and online

Our newly-renovated cidery, in what was the old milking parlour, is situated on our small farm near Beaminster, Dorset. We are not open to visitors, but our ciders are available from online retailers. They are also available in a number of local shops. We had also started to supply cider to local free house pubs, pre-lockdown number 3.

Temple cider being available in local pubs is particularly exciting for Paul as, when he first started making cider, he stated that his main ambition was to walk into a pub and see his cider for sale there. He’ll have to try hard to think of a brand new ambition now: it will probably involve tractors.

How we make our Dorset cider

All of our delicious Dorset ciders are made from 100% freshly-pressed apple juice. They are suitable for vegans and are gluten-free.

We hand pick the apples ourselves, from trees in traditional unsprayed orchards, and then carefully wash them in natural spring water. After pressing the apples, we let the natural fermentation process perform its magic, adding nothing other than a little carefully selected yeast.

The resulting cider is therefore 100% full-juice, refreshing and delicious. Cider as it is meant to be!

Camelot Cider Apples

You can find out more more about how Temple Cider began creating delicious Dorset cider. Or read about our currently available Temple ciders.