About our craft cider

Temple Cider = full-juice craft cider, made with an attention to detail that produces a fine-tasting product. All of our ciders are carefully crafted in small, artisanal batches here on Temple Farm in Dorset, from apples we hand pick locally. We don’t outsource any part of the cidermaking process.

We have won a number of awards for our cider. The ones we are most proud of are five bronze awards from the IWSC: two from 2021 and three from 2023.

IWSC award winning ciders

Only the finest quality fruit makes its way into our craft cider, and most of the apples come from our own orchard 5 miles away. Over the last few years we have gradually been planting a home orchard on Temple Farm, so will have a number of apple varieties, including a selection of traditional Dorset varieties, right here on site. There will therefore be zero food miles between tree and press, for maximum sustainability.


The beauty of harvesting the apples ourselves is that we can avoid damaged fruit right from the start. At the washing stage we also discard any fruit that is overly bruised, before it goes into the scratter. This attention to detail ensures that our cider contains only clean apples in excellent condition, which we feel is an essential step in producing a top quality product.

Artisan Cider Bottling

From still draught to pet nat

Our ciders are available in a wide range of formats, from live, naturally sparkling cider in kegs, to draught bag-in-box still cider. We have 500ml bottled ciders, some still, some sparkling, and also naturally sparkling 750ml bottles with their luxuriantly fine, moussy fizz. And we have just released a range of can-conditioned, single variety ciders. We believe these could be the first live, naturally sparkling canned ciders available in the UK.

We specialise in authentic, natural cider, wild-fermented using natural yeasts that are present on the fruit and in the cidery. Most of our ciders are perfectly dry, and our preferred way of making a sweeter cider is using the traditional method of keeving. This produces a naturally medium-sweet cider without the addition of sugar or sweetener.

Our ciders are all suitable for vegans and are gluten free.