Buy cider online: Dorset craft cider, straight to your door

Buy our natural cider mixed case online
Buy cider online – one of our natural cider mixed cases

Wanting to buy award-winning Dorset craft cider but you’re nowhere near Dorset? Well fear not! We have recently opened an online cider shop where you can order our artisanal, small batch ciders for direct home delivery.

Looking to buy draught cider in a bag-in-box? We have you covered, with 3L, 10L and 20L options available. Or do you prefer your cider to be of the fine, naturally sparkling (pet nat) variety? Well that’s available in our shop too, including our prestigious IWSC award winning ciders.

Mixed cases

Our 500ml bottled ciders are available in cases of 12 of the same variety, or as a mixed case. We’ve provided some suggestions as to the mix of bottles you are likely to receive — though, due to the small scale of our cidery, we cannot guarantee the exact selection in your mixed case, but we will always aim to please. There is also the option to add a note during checkout, where you could for example say, “extra Kingston Black please”, and we’ll do our best to oblige.

Our 750ml bottled ciders are available in cases of 6 of the same variety, or as a mixed case. And as with the 500ml bottles, you can add a note if there’s a particular style of cider you prefer and would like to have more of in your selection, and we will do out best to fulfil your request.

Cider delivery boxes

We’ve done lots of research into packaging and boxes, in order to find environmentally friendly options that will also offer maximum protection to the precious contents.

Cider despatch

As Temple Cider mostly consists of just the two of us, we aren’t able to guarantee next day delivery, but we will do our best to get your order together and despatch it within 2 or 3 days. However, particularly during apple and pear harvest, when we have to spend most of our time in the orchards, we may need a little longer to prepare your order, so it’s best to allow 7 working days for your cider to arrive, just to be on the safe side.

So next time you’re wanting to buy cider online, why not give our little webshop a visit!