Cider Dogs

Dogs and cider

We decided to dedicate this page to cider dogs. There’s a lot of dog activity going on here at Temple Cider and this is where you can read all about it. If you aren’t interested in dogs and only want to read about the cider, you need to look here instead!

Magic Milo

Here is our fabulous old rescue dog Milo, modelling our delicious blended cider, Milo’s Magic. How on earth did we come up with that name?

Milo modelling
No-one understands the pressure of being a model

Millie and Lulu

And here are cider dogs Millie and Lulu, vying to be the next dog featured on a Temple Cider blend. Just look at those pleading glances aimed in Paul’s direction.

Cider Dogs
We want to be featured on next year’s blend label

And, of course, it was Millie that won the competition to be the second cider dog on a label!


New old-boy, Muffin, settled into the role of cider dog straight away. He’s a natural! He even helped out with our recent cider shed open day. Muffin was a star meeter and greeter and can’t wait for us to open up the shop again soon. Maybe we will at the end of May, Muffin!

Meeting and greeting visitors to our first cider shed ‘shop’ open day

Oldies Club

If you’re in the market for rescuing an older dog, do take a look at the Oldies Club website where there is always a selection of older dogs that have fallen on hard times.

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