Trade enquiries

For trade enquiries, phone: 07952331761 or email: [email protected] to request a trade price list. Our ciders are also available via Eebria Trade.

We supply:

  • Bag-in-Box ciders — 20L, 10L and 3L
  • Kegs (live, naturally sparkling, keg-conditioned) — 20L and 30L
  • Bottles — 500ml and 750ml
  • Cans (live, naturally sparkling, can-conditioned) — 440ml

Delivery areas

Free local delivery, subject to reasonable order quantity, to West Dorset, East Devon and South Somerset.

We often travel to the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, so get in touch if you’d like us to drop by next time we’re in that area. Courier delivery available for other areas.

Bag in Box Dorset craft ciders

Temple Dry bag in Box
Bag-in-box ciders

Bag-in-Box ciders as follows:

  • Temple Dry – blend of handpicked traditional cider apples and dessert/culinary apples, fermented to dry. 6.3% ABV.
  • Temple Medium – blend of handpicked traditional cider apples and dessert/culinary apples, fermented to dry, then back-sweetened with apple juice we pressed. 5.4% ABV.
  • Somerset Redstreak, single variety – Somerset Redstreak is a tannic, bittersweet apple that has made a crisp, dry cider with enjoyable apple flavours and a mildly peppery lingering finish. 7.2% ABV.
  • Yarlington Mill, single variety – Yarlington Mill is a tannic, bittersweet cider apple. This classic apple lends spicy notes and a smooth finish to this dry, natural cider. 7.0% ABV.
  • Brown’s Apple, single variety – Brown’s Apple is a sharp cider apple that has produced a bright, juicy cider with pleasing acidity. This is a medium-sweet cider. 5.9% ABV.

Keg-fermented, live ciders

Live ciders which completed their fermentation within the keg. This is naturally sparkling (pét nat) cider that has a fine, soft mousse.

20-litre and 30-litre kegs (PolyKegs with Sankey connector) as follows:

  • Yarlington Mill – A single variety cider. Yarlington Mill is a traditional bittersweet cider apple that offers juicy fruit flavours, hints of cinnamon spice, and mellow tannins. 7.4% ABV.
  • Bramley & Chisel Jersey – Bramley culinary and Chisel Jersey cider apples, pressed and fermented together. The Bramley lends subtle acidity and the Chisel Jersey provides body and tannins. A special cider that has developed beautifully. 7.0% ABV.
  • Yarlington Mill & Dabinett – Yarlington Mill and Dabinett apples (60:40 ratio), pressed and fermented together. The Yarlington Mill provides warm spices and the Dabinett gives vanilla, citrus fruits and a tannic finish. 7.0% ABV.
  • Single Orchard – Bittersharp and bittersweet cider apples, together with dessert/culinary apples, picked from a single old orchard. A refreshingly upbeat and fruity cider. 6.4% ABV.

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