Yarlington Mill gains high praise from a Pommelier!

Yarlington Mill cider bottle
Yarlington Mill single variety cider

If you’re anything like us, you love trying single variey ciders, and Yarlington Mill is one of our very favourite apple varieties.

Lots of cider makers produce a Yarlington Mill cider, and the highly informed Cider Review website decided to research and publish an article that compares a selection of Yarly ciders. It is an excellent article, titled The Yarlington Millathon, and was written by the fabulous James Finch (@TheCiderCritic).

Research for the article involved James tasting 15 Yarlington Mill ciders, including our award-winning 2020 single variety, in amongst Yarly ciders from a range of other cider makers in the South West and also some makers in Herefordshire.

We were absolutely delighted to read James’s review of our cider as he seemed to find it most enjoyable. In fact he placed it in his favourite seven ciders in the tasting. His comments in the conclusion are as follows: “Temple Cider – loved how much of the fruit was on show here. Needs a little more time to develop in the bottle I think, but as my first try from this producer I’m really impressed, must try the rest of their range”.

And James certainly knows what he’s talking about as he’s recently qualified as a fully-fledged Official Pommelier. Huge congratulations on this great achievement, James!

Yarlington Mill is a favourite cider apple of many craft cider lovers. It is a bittersweet apple which makes a delicious single variety cider, as well as being excellent as a co-ferment, or when used as part of a blended cider. It produces a juicy and fruity cider that is often described as being like caramelised apple with spicy notes reminiscent of cinnamon. It’s a bit like drinking a tarte tatin!

Do have a read of James’s full Yarlington Millathon article here.

And find details of our Yarlington Mill and all of our other Dorset craft ciders here.