Coat Jersey cider

Coat Jersey cider 75cl bottle
Coat Jersey single variety, naturally sparkling fine cider

We are delighted to release our Coat Jersey 2021 single variety, pet nat cider. This is a totally natural cider, fermented only with the naturally occurring yeasts, and using the ancestral method, which produces a naturally sparkling cider.

Coat Jersey is a relatively common bittersweet cider apple variety which originates from the village of Coat, near Martock, Somerset. So the Coat part of its name refers to its origins, but what about the word Jersey? Well, that is all about the shape. Jersey is used to describe a conical shape of apple. So there are a number of other apples with Jersey as part of their name, for example Chisel Jersey and Harry Masters Jersey.

Although Coat Jersey trees are often found in West Country orchards, the apples have, as far as we know, rarely been used as a single variety. At Temple Cider we are always interested to find out how a cider produced from a single apple variety will taste, and so we decided to give Coat Jersey a whirl, and a chance to shine on its own.

The result? Well we think it’s a winner! A clean, dry cider with a bright and bitter finish. The bitterness invites you in to take another sip, and the cider has a refreshing quality that lends itself to drinking before a meal. It makes an ideal aperitif, if you will.

You can try this cider by buying from us direct in a case of six 750ml bottles, or as part of a mixed 750ml case.