Dabinett cider

Dabinett cider bottle
Dabinett single variety, naturally sparkling fine cider

As it often the case with the more tannic ciders, our single variety, pet nat Dabinett cider has taken a while to reach its best. Those luscious tannins like to take their time to relax, soften and mature. At last, we are now happy to release this 2020 vintage for it to be enjoyed by those who appreciate truly tannic, totally dry ciders.

The Dabinett cider apple originates from Middle Lambrook, Somerset. It was found as a self-sown seedling, in the early 1900s, by a Mr William Dabinett. It is likely that a Chisel Jersey apple tree was one of the Dabinett’s parents. Being a reliable cropper, Dabinett has been planted extensively in cider orchards, and it is often used in blends to give them body and astringency.

Dabinett also makes an excellent single variety cider, as we present to you here. It is a variety that has something of a fan club of people that appreciate its full bittersweet characteristics. If you prefer something lighter and brighter, Dabinett probably isn’t for you though. Horses for courses!

This is a natural cider, fermented only with the naturally occurring yeasts, and using the ancestral method, which produces a naturally sparkling cider. It pairs well with bold meaty dishes that stand up well to a full-bodied, tannic cider. It’s also an excellent cider to sip slowly and savour.

You can try this cider by buying from us direct in a case of six 750ml bottles, or as part of a mixed 750ml case.