Keeved cider: NEW and award-winning

Yarlington Mill and Michelin keeved cider, award-winning
Yarlington Mill and Michelin keeved cider

We have recently released our latest keeved cider and it’s yet another IWSC award winner. The 2021 Yarlington Mill & Michelin keeved, naturally sparkling, medium-sweet cider won a bronze medal in the 2023 IWSC tasting. Their tasting notes are as follows: “Pure apple note with a hint of bitter orange. Palate is structured and rich.

Our very first keeved cider, the 2020 Michelin single variety, won a prestigious IWSC bronze award in 2021. We are therefore delighted that our follow-up keeve has gained the same honour.

Keeving is a natural process whereby the yeasts in the fermenting apple juice are starved of nutrients. This prevents them working to their full potential and so limits the amount of sugar that is turned to alcohol. Keeving is therefore a natural way of producing a sweeter, slightly lower alcohol cider. The appearance of a ‘brown hat’ that gradually develops on top of the fermenting juice is what you are aiming for when keeving. This indicates that the keeve has been successful.

Within the broad description of keeving outlined above, there are various slightly differing approaches to the practicalities. Our method has so far involved pressing the apples when the weather is cold, and as Dorset is generally a warm part of the country, this once entailed pressing the apples on Christmas Eve. Such is the dedication of a true artisan cider maker!

Breaking news: Gabe gave it 4 stars!

Today, this cider featured in a blind tasting of ciders from various makers, by Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist in The Observer’s Food Monthly magazine. Gabe gave it 4 stars out of 5 and said:

Nice mousse, nice bubbles. Gosh; spice, clove, leather on the nose – big, tannic, western counties cider. Tongue-rasping astringency – a real textural beast, just lacking a touch of softness. Great! It’s for anybody into orange wine.

We’re absolutely delighted with that summary. Thank you so much, Gabe!

Buy keeved cider

You can buy this cider direct from our webshop in a case of six 750ml bottles or as part of a mixed case of six 750ml bottles for home delivery. Our ciders are made in small artisanal batches, so they won’t be around for long.