Keg-conditioned cider

Keg-conditioned cider
Kegs of our naturally sparkling, full-juice, keg-conditioned cider

Live, keg-conditioned cider is a wonderful thing, and yet it’s not something you’ll find in your average pub. It’s even quite rare to find it in craft bars and micro pubs. And, as Cider Review mentioned in their recent article, it’s also being completely overlooked, and seemingly misunderstood, by beer and cider festival organisers.

The famous Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Company are on a mission to spread the word about the wonders of keg-conditioned cider, and have recently been touring the country to give talks and tastings. And, as we too produce live cider in kegs, we are also attempting to get the word out there and extol the virtues of keg-conditioned cider. We want cider lovers to be able to enjoy a glass of live, naturally sparkling, full-juice draught Temple cider in a pub. It’s not too much to ask is it?!

What is keg-conditioned cider?

We produce our kegged ciders in exactly the same way as our 750ml bottles of naturally sparkling (pet nat) cider. We fill the kegs with cider that hasn’t quite finished the fermentation process, and so, as the fermentation continues in the keg, the cider gains a fine-bubbled soft fizz from the naturally produced carbon dioxide.

Kegged ciders available now

Temple Cider has 20-litre and 30-litre kegs (PolyKegs with Sankey connector) full of the following delicious, naturally sparkling dry ciders:

Keg-conditioned Yarlington Mill 2021 (7.4%)

A single variety cider. Yarlington Mill is a traditional bittersweet cider apple that offers juicy fruit flavours, hints of cinnamon spice, and mellow tannins.

Keg-conditioned Bramley & Chisel Jersey 2020 (7.0%)

Bramley culinary and Chisel Jersey cider apples, pressed and fermented together. The Bramley lends subtle acidity and the Chisel Jersey provides body and tannins. A special cider that has developed beautifully.

Keg-conditioned Yarlington Mill & Dabinett 2021 (7.0%)

Yarlington Mill and Dabinett apples (60:40 ratio), pressed and fermented together. The Yarlington Mill provides warm spices and the Dabinett gives vanilla, citrus fruits and a tannic finish.

Keg-conditioned Single Orchard 2021 (6.4%)

Bittersharp and bittersweet cider apples, together with dessert/culinary apples, picked from a single old orchard. A refreshingly upbeat and fruity cider.

Go on, you know you want to!

If you’re a local, or not-so-local, bar or pub and would like to stock our very special, keg-conditioned ciders, just get in touch. We’ll be very happy to call in to have a chat. Let’s get this fabulous cider out there, being enjoyed by the many real cider lovers who go to the pub and are desperate to be able to buy a real, refreshing draught cider, but usually have to make-do with something else!