Kingston Black cider

Kingston Black cider bottle
Kingston Black single variety cider

We are very happy to announce that we have recently released our 2021 single variety Kingston Black cider. This wonderful cider was made purely from Kingston Black cider apples that we handpicked in an unsprayed orchard just over the border in Somerset. It is an unfiltered, still cider, fermented only with wild yeasts. It comes in at 7.8% ABV and is available in 500ml bottles.

Dry, clean, fresh and fruity, this is one of our favourite single variety ciders and we think that this 2021 vintage is pretty special. Our 2019 vintage very quickly sold out completely and so we’ve made a little more of it this time in the hope that it will be available for slightly longer.

Kingston Black is a bittersharp cider apple variety that originates from the parish of Kingston St. Mary, near Taunton, in Somerset. It is highly prized for producing top quality juice that works well in blends or, as in this case, entirely on its own. The apples are usually fairly round and have a dark red-coloured flush that can cover most of the apple. It sometimes appears to be almost red-black.

Unfortunately the trees themselves can be pretty temperamental and, unless conditions are ideal, they have poor resistance to disease. For this reason they have often been deemed too difficult to care for and not productive enough for commercial orchards. As they have frequently been replaced by more reliable varieties, it can be quite difficult to find Kingston Black trees in orchards nowadays. This is why we decided to graft and plant a few young Kingston Black trees in Temple orchard here on our farm. So far they are doing well. Fingers crossed!

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Update: You can now buy this cider direct from our webshop in a case of twelve 500ml bottles or as part of a mixed 500ml case.