Live cider in a can

Cans of live cider
Cans of single-variety live cider

Yesterday we released our first ever live cider in a can. In three cans to be precise as we have produced three single-variety canned live ciders. Why do you keep describing it as ‘live’, you may be asking. Well, the cider was still fermenting when we canned it, and so it is therefore classed as can-fermented cider.

CAMRA definition of live cider

CAMRA have the following helpful definition on their website:

Cider and Perry which undergoes such a second fermentation in its final vessel and have measurable ‘active yeast’ in that vessel can often be described as ‘live cider’ or ‘live perry’. The most recognisable will be labelled as ‘bottle conditioned, Pet Nat or ‘keg conditioned’.

About our canned ciders

Canned cider is a first for us, and so live canned cider is of course also a first for us. We aren’t sure, but it seems from conversation on social media, that ours might be the first live canned cider to be produced, but we will be very happy to be corrected on this if someone else has done it previously. Do let us know.

The three varieties we have canned are:

  • Kingston Black 2022 (8.4%) – a fruity, zingy cider with a soft tannic finish
  • Somerset Redstreak 2022 (7.5%) – a crisp cider with a peppery tannic finish
  • Yarlington Mill 2022 (7.5%) – a fruity, mellow cider with a spiced tannic finish

As with all of our ciders, these cans were produced here on our farm on a truly artisan basis. We harvested the apples by hand ourselves, pressed them on our own press, and when the time came to can the cider, we filled and sealed the cans here, one by one. It took ages, but the end result is absolutely worth all those hours standing in front of each solitary spinning can, being splashed with cider as the lid was crimped into place.

As well as being live ciders, we also describe these as fine ciders. It’s a divisive term that some cider drinkers dislike, but it does express the precise nature of work that goes into producing ciders such as these.

Buy canned live ciders

You can try these canned live ciders by buying from our webshop, in a mixed case of twelve 440ml cans. Do try them and we hope that you enjoy them.