Pressing matters at Temple Cider

Cider press
Our cider press in action this autumn

It’s been all hands to the press here at Temple Cider this autumn. We have been busily picking and pressing this year’s bountiful apple harvest. Once pressed, we allow the apple juice to ferment, with regular checks on its progress throughout fermentation. Making craft cider is closely related to making wine, in that it is made by fermenting a fruit juice, as opposed to beer which is produced by brewing its ingredients.

The apples we have pressed this autumn 2020 will be the basis of Temple craft ciders that will be available in 2021.

We are planning to once again create a Milo’s Magic blend, plus we also have another blend in mind. We will have at least one single-variety cider available too. Paul is also trying out a few new ideas, so we may have some exciting limited edition specials if the experiments produce delicious results. It’s all so fascinating and we love that making cider encompasses both art and science, plus, of course, a little bit of magic…