Draught cider

Temple Dry bag in Box
Draught cider in bag-in-box

Quality cider makers, and we’re including ourselves in that category, often focus on producing bottled ciders, but we feel that draught cider is just as worthy of the attention to detail needed to craft a top quality product.

As well as the traditional bag-in-box format, which is used to dispense still cider, we also produce draught, naturally sparkling cider in kegs. We wrote about these special, live keg-conditioned ciders in this article.

Keg-conditioned cider
Kegs of naturally sparkling, full-juice cider

Our kegs contain exactly the same naturally sparkling (ancestral method) cider as in the equivalent 750ml bottles, and is produced in exactly the same way. It’s just the container that is different. These kegs enable pubs and bars to dispense wild-fermented, pet nat, full-juice fine cider in a draught format, rather than selling it by the bottle.

Bottled ciders are wonderful, obviously, but when in a pub it seems much more in keeping with the pub environment to have your drink dispensed as draught. You can always open a special bottle to treat yourself at home, after all!

Bag-in-box still cider is a familiar draught option for cider drinkers in pubs. We produce Temple Dry and Temple Medium blended ciders — the blend used for these does change quite regularly as the cider we have available changes. We also produce single variety ciders in bag-in-box, such as Yarlington Mill and Somerset Redstreak. These tend to be very popular and sell out quickly. We also now have bag-in-box perry available, about which we are receiving some lovely comments.

The main customers for our draught ciders are pubs, bars and festivals. Trade customers can contact us for direct sales, or purchase via our page on Eebria Trade.

We also sell 10 litre bag-in-box ciders and perry to retail customers via our webshop.