Cider news

  • Live cider in a can

    Live cider in a can

    Yesterday we released our first ever live cider in a can. In three cans to be precise as we have produced three single-variety canned live ciders. Why do you keep describing it as ‘live’, you may be asking. Well, the cider was still fermenting when we canned it, and so it is therefore classed as…

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  • Keeved cider: NEW and award-winning

    Keeved cider: NEW and award-winning

    We have recently released our latest keeved cider and it’s yet another IWSC award winner. The 2021 Yarlington Mill & Michelin keeved, naturally sparkling, medium-sweet cider won a bronze medal in the 2023 IWSC tasting. Their tasting notes are as follows: “Pure apple note with a hint of bitter orange. Palate is structured and rich.“…

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  • Coat Jersey cider

    Coat Jersey cider

    We are delighted to release our Coat Jersey 2021 single variety, pet nat cider. This is a totally natural cider, fermented only with the naturally occurring yeasts, and using the ancestral method, which produces a naturally sparkling cider. Coat Jersey is a relatively common bittersweet cider apple variety which originates from the village of Coat,…

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  • Buy cider online:  Dorset craft cider, straight to your door

    Buy cider online: Dorset craft cider, straight to your door

    Wanting to buy award-winning Dorset craft cider but you’re nowhere near Dorset? Well fear not! We have recently opened an online cider shop where you can order our artisanal, small batch ciders for direct home delivery. Looking to buy draught cider in a bag-in-box? We have you covered, with 3L, 10L and 20L options available.…

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