Cider news

  • Dorset orchard extension in progress

    Dorset orchard extension in progress

    It’s been a relatively cold winter for being outdoors, but we’ve braved the elements to do some much-needed work on the land. We’ve been preparing a 2½-acre extension to Temple Orchard, our home Dorset orchard. This extension will bring the total area of the orchard to just over 5 acres. With extensive land-drainage repairs now…

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  • Kingston Black cider

    Kingston Black cider

    We are very happy to announce that we have recently released our 2021 single variety Kingston Black cider. This wonderful cider was made purely from Kingston Black cider apples that we handpicked in an unsprayed orchard just over the border in Somerset. It is an unfiltered, still cider, fermented only with wild yeasts. It comes…

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  • Dorset Perry?

    Dorset Perry?

    Having recently begun picking fruit in an orchard that has a number of perry pear trees, we have decided to try making a Dorset perry. This is our first attempt at making perry, and it is a drink that is well known for being an unpredictable and delicate creation, so we certainly aren’t taking anything…

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  • Cider Salon 2022 – we’re pouring!

    Cider Salon 2022 – we’re pouring!

    Cider Salon is a prestigious cider tasting event which is held in Bristol annually. This year it is taking place on Saturday 2nd July, at the Trinity Centre in Bristol. See the Cider Salon website for full details. We are absolutely delighted to say that we have been invited to take part in this year’s…

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