Cider Salon 2022 – we’re pouring!

Cider Salon

Cider Salon is a prestigious cider tasting event which is held in Bristol annually. This year it is taking place on Saturday 2nd July, at the Trinity Centre in Bristol. See the Cider Salon website for full details.

We are absolutely delighted to say that we have been invited to take part in this year’s main event. We will pour three of our 750ml naturally sparkling, wild fermented ciders, including one single variety keeved cider.

Although we have to admit to being slightly overwhelmed by the prospect, we are very excitedly looking forward to attending. It will be fabulous to meet so many of our fellow cidermakers and have the opportunity to taste ciders that we haven’t yet tried. We also cannot wait to chat to those discerning people who truly appreciate top-quality cider; cider that has been created with the utmost care and devotion.

As well as the main cider pouring event on the Saturday, there is also a packed schedule of fun-filled and informative cider-related fringe events during the preceding week. Do look out for those so that you can get involved in some fantastic cider-based happenings!

The Cider Salon website has a full list of the 30+ makers who will be pouring their ciders. The list includes many makers from the UK, together with some exciting cider producers from further afield. There are links to the producers’ websites too so that you can find out about the individuals behind the brands and read their cidermaking stories.

You can read more about our 750ml naturally sparkling ciders here.

If you are interested in going along to Cider Salon, check here for ticket information. It’s sure to be a popular event, and numbers are strictly limited, so make sure you don’t miss out on Cider Salon 2022!

Michelin keeved review ~ Cork & Crown video #300

Michelin keeved review

Described as “something a little bit special” by the inimitable Chris of Cork & Crown in his 300th cider review video. It’s our one and only, award-winning, Michelin single-variety keeved cider.

We love Chris’s videos and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. And there’s as much information about cheese as there is about cider. Fabulous stuff!

“Gorgeous nose” reminiscent of tarte tatin, and a flavour that is “really good”. We’ll very happily take those comments for our very first attempt at keeving. Thanks so much, Chris!

If you’d like to try this very special cider for yourself, it is currently available online from Scrattings, here. It was a very small batch though so you’ll need to get in there quickly to avoid missing out!

Fine ciders on the way!

Fine cider
Our new 75cl special, wild-fermented ciders

The term fine cider can be pretty divisive in craft cider land, but it tends to be used for ciders that are similar to our new, limited edition ciders. Therefore we are giving the fine cider term a whirl here; apologies if it offends! Another good name for them is natural ciders.

We have three, 2020 vintage, special ciders, hitherto known as “the experiments” which we have just released. All are in 75cl bottles, so wine bottle sized, and they are naturally fermented using only the wild yeasts.

They are naturally sparkling, pétillant naturel (pét nat), another fancy term, also known as the ancestral method. This is where the cider is bottled before fermentation has completed and so fermentation continues in the bottle, trapping the carbon dioxide that is produced naturally. This carbon dioxide gives the cider a fine, natural fizziness. And who doesn’t love a bit of natural sparkle?

All three of our fine ciders are pét nat, and one of them is also keeved. Keeving is a fairly complex, traditional method of producing a naturally sweet cider. However no sugar or artificial sweetener is involved, so that’s just marvellous.

The three new ciders are all unpasteurised, unfiltered and have no added sulphite. They are made using 100% handpicked, unsprayed apples that we picked and pressed ourselves. We also did the bottling, designed the labels and stuck the labels on the bottles. You can’t get more artisanal and hand-produced cider than this!

Below is a short summary of the individual ciders. Full details are on Our Ciders now.

Bramley & Chisel Jersey co-ferment 2020 pét nat 75cl

Made from 100% handpicked, unsprayed Bramley and Chisel Jersey apples that were co-fermented. Bottle fermented with the natural yeasts, naturally sparkling (pét nat), dry cider. Unpasteurised and unfiltered. 7% abv.
Refreshing acidity, a beautiful colour and fine bubbles. Paul’s new favourite cider.

Kingston Black single variety 2020 pét nat 75cl

Made from 100% handpicked, unsprayed Kingston Black apples. Bottle fermented with the natural yeasts, naturally sparkling (pét nat), dry cider. Unpasteurised and unfiltered. 7.4% abv.
Delicate citrus notes with moderate tannins and fine bubbles.

Michelin single variety 2020 keeved, pét nat 75cl

Made from 100% handpicked, unsprayed Michelin apples. Bottle fermented with the natural yeasts, naturally sparkling (pét nat) and keeved to produce a naturally medium-sweet cider (no sugar or sweetener added). Unpasteurised and unfiltered. 5.2% abv.
Subtly sweet with hints of mandarin orange and with fine bubbles.


We have very limited quantities of these fine ciders and they will only be available from a small number of stockists. Full details will appear on Where to buy soon.